Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords – A Review

The greatest thing that happened to ecommerce on the internet was the development of PPC (pay per click) advertising and the 800-pound gorilla in that field is Google with their AdWords program. Google AdWords makes it Buy Google Reviews easy to get online with your ads – you can do it in minutes. But if you don’t know what you are doing, you can blow through a lot of money in minutes. One of the leading

consultants in the area of Google AdWords is Perry Marshall and with Bryan Todd, the two of them have put together what may be one of the best books on the subject, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. I will go over some of what is covered in the book so you can determine if this book is for you.

What are Google AdWords

Google AdWords are the ads that appear on the right hand side of the page when someone conducts a Google search. The ads that show up are determined by the keywords selected by the advertiser and the search term used by the person doing the Google search. When those ads are clicked, the visitor is taken to the marketers website and will hopefully buy something and Google charges the marketer a certain dollar amount (or cents) per click.

The Authors

This is from the back of the book: Perry Marshall is a leading specialist on buying search engine traffic. An author, speaker and consultant, Perry has developed strategies that generate 500 million clicks per month for his clients. Bryan Todd is an international marketing consultant and a Google AdWords specialist.

What the Book Covers

The authors cover Google AdWords in such detail that this book would be ideal for the absolute beginner in Google AdWords all the way to someone who is fairly advanced. The book covers how to create a virtual marketing machine that can run on autopilot which pulls together many of the concepts and techniques taught in the book.

The book covers how to set up a Google AdWord campaign from scratch and goes through in detail the various steps. The reader is shown how to develop high quality keyword lists, what tools to use, and how to improve CTR (click through rate) by eliminating irrelevant keywords and using a strategy of moving keywords around in ads that the authors call the “peel and stick” strategy. These techniques help to hone in on profitable markets and niches and also does this at the least CPC (cost per click).

The actual writing of the Google AdWords is covered in depth including writing headlines that pull, copywriting techniques and strategies for the headline and other lines of the ad, proper domain names to use to direct viewers to the marketers website, the importance of relevance of ad copy (not just for pulling in customers but also reducing the CPC of the ads), the USP (unique selling

proposition), and sources for ad copy (you will enjoy the examples here – I won’t give it away). The concept of visitor value and how to convert website visitors to buyers and how to split test ads to constantly improve their pull are also covered.

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