Home Staging and Room Redesign – Focal Points and 3 Common Room Shapes

You may not notice it, but every time you enter a room there is that one area or item that just grabs your attention as soon as you step inside. In your living room, it might be your flatscreen TV or your fireplace. In your bedroom, it might be your luxurious bed or your expensive chandelier in the kitchen. These items are called the “focal points” of your room.

Focal points can be anything that can grab your attention, whether it is a fixture like the fireplace and the chandelier or your TV set and game consoles  마곡노래방. However, in home staging, if you do not have plans of giving away your TV along with the house, do not choose it as your room’s focus Use items that will be sold along with the house like your shelves and cabinets.

As a stager and designer, knowing about focal points is very important because they dictate the ambience or atmosphere of the room. Every person who enters will judge the room’s appearance based on how all the items inside relate to the focal point. That is why they are essential in enhancing the room’s appearance. If you can identify which among the room’s items they are, you can use them to organize your room in such a way that it doesn’t appear barren or cluttered.

Re-arranging or redesigning the room is not just about putting all the necessary items in the room and hoping it looks neat enough. There are actually some strategies or techniques used by home stagers. And since not all rooms are shaped alike, there are different ways to redesign each room according to its shape.

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