Online College Degrees – The Popular and the Prevalent Thanks to the Internet, the Online Phenomenon

Thanks to the Internet, the online phenomenon is almost ubiquitous roping in everybody and everything in its ‘ride’. Therefore, it is no less wonder that online college degrees are also taking a space in the Internet platform. The internet has conveniently and comfortably connected the world into one single ‘substance’ where boundaries and barriers are transcended like a mere hurdle in a race, by technology. With this worldwide connectivity, online education has strived to reach to the deserving and aspiring. In addition, online college degrees are definitely a boon. What in the traditional mode of education would have imposed constraints in terms of seat-availability, early enrollment, fixed timings, heavy funding; the online mode simply surpasses them with a few guided clicks from your mouse.

If you are a student abroad, who has just finished high school with meritorious academic results and seeking admissions in one of the prestigious universities in the USA, but with the intent of not making it an exorbitant and cumbersome affair, online college degrees is the answer lam bang dai hoc . The best part is that the colleges and universities offering degrees on online are accredited by the department of education of the country concerned.

Therefore, the degrees are as valid as your normal university degree. Additionally since online college degrees cater to students from all fields right from working professionals to mature students and from different countries spanning the globe, the curricula is widespread. The range of courses available is large with a variety of options.

Working professional can also enroll for online college degrees to improve their vocational capabilities and add value to their resume. More so with technology receiving a hi-end edge, with reference to the ‘giant-leaps’ made in Internet-based applications, virtual-classroom learning, web-seminars (webinars) and the simulation of every component of the real-world, to virtual reality, the online medium with its safe and secured features, has become the choicest even for students.

In order to have prospective employers give you a chance in today’s tough job market you need to have a university degree. It makes sense to obtain a degree which translates into earning power, since you will be investing a lot of time and money in order to earn one. Of course this doesn’t mean you should just pick the major with the highest starting salary; it is equally important to pick a subject which you are interested in and will enjoy learning. Here are a few degrees with the highest beginning salaries for graduates right out of college.

The big winner by a huge landslide is engineering, with a total of eight different engineering degrees taking up the first eight top spots: petroleum, aerospace, chemical, electrical nuclear and biomedical engineering. Petroleum engineers are at number one with an average starting salary of around $93k. Yes, that’s just the starting salary and it only goes up from there. Salaries are extremely high in the petroleum field because oil businesses tend to be quite lucrative. Graduates in this field generally work to find and recover gas and oil reservoirs. Work in this field often requires a significant amount of travel and many in this field proceed to earn graduate degrees. $63k is the average starting range salary wise for nuclear engineering graduates. If you are great at math Engineering might be a great option to explore. All engineering majors are considered generally quite challenging, with a strenuous course load and difficult courses.

Computer science and information sciences and system degree holders are the two non-engineering degrees in the top 10 list with starting earnings at $61k and $54k respectively. This is a solid option to explore if you enjoy computers. Keep in mind that computer science courses are also very mathematics intensive.

Two other well paying majors which also demand advanced math skills are economics and finance. Economics majors can expect to start at $48k and finance students $47k. From observing these numbers, it’s clear that the money lies in crunching numbers and science. Mathematic skills translate into big earnings. Engineering, Computer Science and Economic degrees all require excellent and advanced math skills while liberal arts majors such as Sociology and Teaching are towards the low end of the list when it comes to earnings.

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