Direct Sales – You Joined! Now What?

Here is the scenario: You found the perfect Direct Sale Company. You purchased your kit and it has been delivered to your front door. You are very excited about this business so you quickly open it and spread the contents all over the floor. You have now looked through everything and then you start to think “What am I suppose to do with all of this?”

First of all you should sit down and come up with your why. Your why is the reason or reasons that YOU decided to begin your business! Everyone has a different reason for starting their own business. Personally I have several reasons.

#1 I absolutely hated working for someone else B├╝roreinigung Adelebsen. Yes I have had jobs I enjoyed but most of them I did not and I do not see the point in working for a flat rate while you are making someone else rich!

#2 I want to be home with my kids! The hardest thing I ever did was drop my daughter off at daycare for the very first time. I had to go back to work when Madison was 3 weeks old. To begin with she stayed with my mother and then after a few weeks we enrolled her in a daycare. Even though I knew the daycare director because she was my dads “High School Sweetheart” and even though I completely trusted all of the wonderful ladies there, it was still very tough for me.

#3 I like paying myself what I think I’m worth and not what someone else thinks I’m worth! I bet you are wondering what I mean by that. Well, when you go for a job interview and they look over your application and ask you anything and everything they feel as though they need to know about you, they then decide what they think you should be paid. Well now I decide what I think I should be paid. I decide how much I think I am worth and work hard to achieve that goal! If I know I need to make $500 this week or even $1,000 I know what I need to do to make that! That is probably one of the things I hated the most about having a “J.O.B” was the fact that no matter how hard I worked from one week to the next I was still going to make the same “Flat Rate” every week. Now I decide when I want a pay raise!

5. The hospital facility has a unit that is for the sole purpose of assessing a dementia patient and deriving at a treatment plan. This unit is comprised of a team of Psychiatrists, Internal Medicine Doctors, Social Workers, Physical Therapists and Nurses. The Team works with a small group of patients in an assisted care type of environment. They have a calendar of daily events that the patients participate in. For example, there are exercises, arts and crafts, brain games and afternoon movies. The patient is observed 24/7 for a period of 2 weeks. Each week the team meets to discuss each patient’s progress and whether or not the prescribed medications are working or if medication modification is necessary.

6. A psychiatrist meets every day with each patient. The patients wear their normal street clothes and a wander bracelet for safety. During the first 3 days of treatment; it is recommended that family members do not visit. The purpose of no visitation is to assess the patient’s true behavior. This type of program is needed and should be available in every city and state throughout America in every hospital. The program only takes patients 55 years old and up. This particular Facility’s program should be used as the model to replicate everywhere.

7. At the conclusion of the 2 week stay, they were able to keep my Mom calm so she wasn’t up and down and roaming all over and would sleep through the night. My Mom even participated in some classes. She thought she was in school and asked when she was getting her report card. The combination of medication this time around consisted of Namenda, Depakote, Lorazepam, Seroquel, this dosage went from 25 milligrams to a 300 mg time released formula. Everything seemed to be going well until I brought her home. She became very anxious and didn’t know who I was. She thought that I was poisoning everything and was going to kill her and my son. When she bathed, she couldn’t believe she wasn’t turning blue. She came out of the bathroom naked. She said the audience was going to be mad at her. I immediately paged the Doctor and had spoken to him a few times prior. At this point, he said to bring her back. When we arrived at the hospital, my Mom knew something was going on and didn’t want to go into the building. She ran from me. The hospital is on a busy street so I naturally panicked. After pretending, I was leaving, I got back into the car and she eventually got in. I drove to the back of the hospital where the team was waiting.

8. My Mom stayed another 2 weeks. During this time she was given a drug called GEODON, 40 mg. After seeing her on this drug, I thought she was cured. She was acting normal, and coherent, and spoke logically. I couldn’t believe it. This drug along with the prior medications in 4 seemed to do the trick. My Mom acted normal with me during the remainder of her stay with me in CA. In the middle of August 2009, I transported her to St. Louis to stay with my brother. We share her jointly. I stayed in St. Louis for 2 weeks to ensure the transition would go smoothly.

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