Darkspore: Online Dungeon Crawl Review

Darkspore can be a bit confusing/overwhelming to a new player. For instance, at first you’re rewarded for opening every obelisk (for simplified purposes, think of it as a treasure chest) you see. But when it comes to the ‘boss area’, if you open the obelisks they only contain health and power capsules and will count against you when calculating your chances for ‘superior’ loot after the mission. There is a distinct difference between these obelisks though, the regular (‘good’) obelisks are blue and health (‘bad’) obelisks are green. However, this color difference didn’t mean anything to me in the first few levels of the game, one of them gave me loot and catalysts and the other gave me health and power capsules. It simply made sense to open all of them, unless of course you knew about the objective log (shortcut key ‘O’) that early in the game.

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You, the player, are the Crogenitor and you gain experience and levels by killing, slaying and obliterating all Darkspore in your path. In order to do this though, you must first ‘edit’ your heroes with the appropriate gear and more importantly, looks (or is it the other way around?) judi online24jam . Each hero is one of five types, bio, cyber, necro, plasma, or quantum; sadly, the only real importance your heroes types have is that Darkspore deal 100% more damage to heroes of the same type. Your heroes on the other hand deal the same amount of damage to every type. In addition, each hero is one of 3 ‘classes’: the sentinel, the tank type whose primary stat is strength, the ravager, melee fighter type whose ability damage is dexterity based and lastly, the tempest, the mind-focused caster type. With these heroes you are tasked to form squads, squads consist of 3 heroes that can be used interchangeably throughout each threat (Darkspore’s name for each individual level), as long as they’re alive. If you or one of your party members does happen to lose a hero, they can be resurrected by picking up a ‘resurrection capsule’ dropped from any random Darkspore. It resembles an empty capsule surrounded by a whitish glow and unlike other capsules, it must be clicked on to be used.

The game’s only currency is ‘DNA’, which can be obtained as a drop from mobs in the form of a strand or in exchange for selling equipment to the DNA converter (the store). DNA is used to purchase upgrades such as higher stat caps for your heroes, increased inventory size, unlocking catalyst slots and more. This can all be done in the Arsenal by opening your inventory (‘I’) and clicking the ‘Upgrades’ tab in the DNA converter.

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