Quick Weight Loss Tips – How to Create a Lean, Healthy Body

Quick Weight Loss Tips. Just the sound of these four words get me really excited. And this is why I will share a few secrets that have helped me to effectively create permanent fat loss.

Without a doubt the first thing that you must do before you start walking the path that leads to the creation of a lean, healthy body is to choose the end-result that you want to reach at the end of your journey.

For example, before I started my personal weight loss journey many years ago I decided that I will create a lean, healthy body with a weight of 175 pounds and 10% body fat. The fact that I weighed 285 pounds at the time and had 45% body fat didn’t stop me from creating this future vision of myself.

This is really the most important quick weight loss tip that I can give you. The reason for this is simple. By focusing on this major health goal and tracking the results of my weight Biofit loss program I was able to adjust my approach until I reached my desired weight in just a little over 12 months.

This result was created in 1995. Since that time I have maintained this result, and today I weigh 175 pounds and have 10% body fat.

How did I do it? What were the exact steps?

Here are a few more quick weight loss tips that are really simple and do-able.

First, make sure that you eat four average sized meals every four hours.

Second, make sure that the food that you eat has the right nutrient ratios for your body type.

Third, make sure to drink plenty of water during the day. This is very important!

Fourth, make sure to walk for an hour every day until you reach your ideal weight.

Fifth, make sure to use resistance training at least three times per week.

If you use this simple, but very effective fat-burning strategy, you can create permanent fat loss in the nearest future.

I hope that my quick weight loss tips can help you create a similar result that I have been able to create using this weight loss approach.

By the way, the motivation to stick to the end of your weight loss journey comes from focusing on the vision of your future self while simultaneously focusing on where you are in the current moment. These two actions will help you to know exactly what actions you must take every day, and will also help you to make adjustments when those will be necessary!

This will also help you to create an invisible energy force that will motivate you to keep going until you bring into reality the type of body that you can be proud of!

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