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Diploma or degree is similar to a degree in a formal educational context but without the title of “Doctor” or “PhD”. Simply put, it’s an achievement recognized by various professional bodies that shows the student has passed the course. It could be a certificate issued by a vocational school, community college, university or vocational-technical college, or any other recognized educational institution. The Diploma is issued for a limited period of time – usually just two years. There are various reasons for getting a Diploma, but the most common is achieving higher qualification in a particular field.

Certificate vs. Diploma vs. Degree: What They Are & How They Differ

Diploma in any discipline is one of the degrees that could be earned from universities or colleges https://lambang-toanquoc.com/. It is intended for those who wish to further their education or professions, including those who have just left secondary schools and would like to pursue higher studies. Diploma is not a stepping stone to become a doctor or a lawyer. A Diploma is simply a certification or deed from an educational institute, including university or college, which demonstrates that the student has successfully completed a certain course of study.

Diploma in any discipline is now available from various universities and colleges. In addition, there are many online universities and colleges that offer diplomas for different levels of diplomas, from bachelor to doctorate degree. You can get a Diploma in almost any discipline if you want it. The different degrees include:

Bachelor Degree: A Bachelor degree is equivalent to a master’s degree. It takes four years or more to earn a bachelor degree. An equivalent Diploma is awarded after two years of graduated program from an accredited university or college.

Master Degree: Similar to the Bachelors Degree, it takes four years or more to earn a master degree. An equivalent Diploma is awarded after two years of graduated program from an accredited university or college. The major areas of concentration are Arts, Business and Management, Health Sciences and Education. An academic qualification from a vocational institution is called a Graduate Diploma.

High School Diploma: A Diploma is also referred as High School Diploma or GED. It can be awarded in two ways – either by getting one’s diploma from a regular university or college, or by getting a High School Diploma from a vocational institution. There are also some Diploma courses available online.

Technical diploma: A Diploma is also known as a Technical Diploma. It is usually awarded to people who have completed a foundation level course in a technical institute for persons who do not hold academic degrees. Three-year programs are the common exception. An associate diploma is an academic certificate obtained by taking a test for a specific course within a set time period. Diploma certificate may be issued after a single session of study or after two semesters of a technical institute program.

An Associate Degree (AD) is equivalent to a Bachelor Degree. It takes two years or more to earn an AD and is a special diploma issued by a university to recognise the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through the completion of a course at an approved university. An AD may be issued after completing a foundation year of a university program or after completion of a program consisting of an internship at an approved educational institution. In certain cases, an AD is also issued after completion of an approved vocational-diploma program.

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