Lead Management – Turning Google’s Gmail Into CRM

Today’s internet is clear that Google plays a major role in developing some of the top software around. Google continues to distinguished itself as an innovator in software. If you are looking to accomplish a personal productivity task chances are Google has or is working on a solution. The growth of email over the years has brought out the good and the bad of features we like to see when using our e-mail. Google’ GMail is prime example of leading the way and being a top choice of many users today. Google’ GMail has taken a very mature technology in our email and made us look at how we process, manage, and retrieve our electronic communications.

Taking a closer look at a key feature that GMail has potentially touched on is it’s versatility in creating custom management strategies or processing ques สมัคร gmail. This flexibility is what makes GMail an ideal platform to use as a personal contact management system or as a simple CRM.

GMail as a Contact Management?

Contact management is fundamentally a system that helps a sales person quickly identify new prospects, make contact, and manage follow-up.

Inherently you get the communications tool, email. Leveraging the power of Google’s search, labeling, and filters you get the management of those communications. There is a good chance that you are using a CRM , such as ACT! or Goldmine you are using a lot of email-like features, but are still required to leave that application to use email also.

Time is money so you don’t want to be wasting time bouncing between multiple applications. So, why not stay in your email application.

Importing and Managing Contacts

One of the fundamental roles of your CRM is to capture and manage your contacts. Your sales system needs to easily get your prospects and clients into the system, reference them quickly, and efficiently manage updates.

GMail does each of these tasks exceptionally well. Whether you are exporting contacts from Outlook, Apple Mail, or loading a spreadsheet of contacts GMail makes it easy. If you already have your contacts in a Web-based mail or social network system like Yahoo! Mail or LinkedIn it is even easier just login and click.

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