Custom QR Codes: Going Beyond QR 101

If you’re even a little bit familiar with Quick Response Codes, you know that they are sort of like bar codes that carry digital information. And, like UPC’s, these unique codes were originally used primarily for inventory tracking. But these distinct looking codes have a huge advantage over traditional UPC’s in that they can hold considerably more information.

• Bar codes are one-dimensional and can hold only 20 digits, all numerical

• Quick Response Codes are two-dimensional and can hold thousands of characters, alpha and numeric

When a smart phone with a camera scans one of these codes, the code immediately links the phone to web content, or activates email and other functions สร้าง qr code. It can even launch the phone’s web browser. From there, the consumer can get virtually any information you want to make available.

It’s this much larger capacity and flexibility that make these codes just about perfect for small businesses. Unfortunately, because they got off to a slow start in the US, many consumers don’t know what they are, how they work, or what to do with them. And that’s where custom QR Codes come in.

• Regular codes are generic black and white icons that have little or no identity

• Customized QR Codes use color, logos, photographs and other design elements to brand the company

No matter where you want to use one of these unique codes, a custom QR Code will work even better. The very nature of generic codes means they are often overlooked or ignored. This is because consumers either don’t know what the symbol is or because they don’t understand how the symbol identifies with a particular company.

The solution is to use a customized QR Code that features your identity elements (logo, colors, photos) so it’s easy for the consumer to understand its purpose and respond accordingly. By incorporating these elements into the code, you put the customer at ease with scanning it for more information.

Your custom code can link to everything from directions to your business (including a map) to special offers to free mp3 downloads to customer surveys. You can add custom QR Codes to your ads, your business card, vehicles, menus; in short, just about anything that can be printed on.

Quick Response Code design is a combination of technology and art. While certain parameters must be maintained in order to make the code work flawlessly, the addition of quality QR Code art makes the code more attractive and therefore more likely to be noticed and used.

There is virtually no limit to how much information you can share with these customized codes. It can be as simple as the inclusion of a landing page, a coupon offer, or a video. Or as complex as a multimedia program or an entire eBook. No matter what, you can give your customers and prospects access to almost anything you’d like to share with them.

Today, besieged as they are with marketing messages, consumers do want information; but they want it to be relevant. By using these specially designed codes, and especially custom QR Codes, you give them instant access to the information they crave. Do yourself and your customers a favor and get a customized QR Code design for your business today.

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