Top 5 Free iPhone Apps For Your Home Office

The many different phone applications today have turned the mobile phone into a veritable multifunction tool that can be very handy in a home office 聊天室. The Apple iPhone, especially, has proven to be an excellent home office assistant because of the many different free iPhone apps available on the Internet today.

But because there are hundreds of applications being created each year, it can take a while for you to sift through the best one that can help in the productivity of your business 聊天室. We’ll make choosing applications easier for you by listing down the five best free iPhone apps that you can use for your home office. So get your Apple iPhone ready, look for a Wi-Fi spot and look up the following applications.

1. The PageOnce Personal Assistant 識男仔. This free Apple iPhone application is the best virtual assistant you’ll ever need. PageOnce manages all your online accounts-from flight trackers to Internet banking-in one simple application. With PageOnce you can track your flights, read Twitter feeds, monitor your credit card transactions, check your phone bills and even look at your Netflix account. It can also remind you of upcoming bills and payables.

2. Fring. Is telecommuting taking up most of your work hours in your home office? Download this nifty free application on your Apple iPhone and take telecommuting to a totally different level. Fring lets you talk and chat with anyone anywhere in the world for free! Simply connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you’re all set to close deals and meet with partners abroad. All calls are free, as long as the one you’re talking to is on Fring as well. You can also make calls to landlines via the Internet and enjoy low-cost airtime minutes.

3. ReQall. ReQall is one of the best free iPhone apps out today. It is a handy to-do program that makes keeping tasks and managing priorities simple and easy. Simply type your tasks or reminders onto your Apple iPhone and ReQall organizes everything for you by date, time and keywords. Are you driving when all of a sudden, you need to input an important reminder on your Apple iPhone? No problem. Just speak into your phone and ReQall will convert your speech into text. You can also get reminders of important tasks via your phone, email, or IM.

4. Evernote. Turn your Apple iPhone into an ultra-modern Post-It or a high-tech doodle pad. Evernote lets you take down notes, reminders, snap photos and even record voice memos. You can then access all these anywhere, at any time from your phone, the Web or your computer. Evernote is a great tool for your home office, since it also convert images into text. You can use this to take photos of white board memos, business cards or even labels and use Evernote to convert the writing into easy-to-read text. You can even look for your notes based on location.

5. Mint. This personal finance application is a good way to keep track of your money and your home office budget through your Apple iPhone. You can even link Mint to your Internet banking accounts so that it automatically balances your savings. In addition, you can categorize accounts, payables and receivables so you can keep better track of your money. Mint also features colorful charts and graphs to make understanding your budget easier and more fun.

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