Buy Real Instagram Followers

Is it really possible to buy real and active Instagram followers ?

Buy Real Instagram Followers

A lot of changes are happening in Instagram this year. And, contrary to what we remember first, goes beyond the visual identity.

Since the Foundation of the social network, in 2011, a few were adaptations, but now with over 500,000,000 users, updates are coming to the fore.

Let’s go over and meet the changes of one of the largest social media platforms in the world?

The change of identity of Instagram gave the talk. Now he appears in the canvases in a much more lively and colorful version, which uses gradients and serves as a new tag orientation for all services of the company.

Although colorful, the new look is more clean and aims not to steal the attention of pictures, which are the central focus. According to the company’s design Director, Ian Spalter, adding colors and change the icons reflects the change that the social network has passed, no longer just a place to show photos and becoming a diverse environment, in which users can find people with common interests, monitor events and celebrities.

Before the Instagram published the photos of all the users you follow in chronological order, buy instagram followers with the new algorithm will be shown only the posts of interest to the user.

The first reason for this change is that a survey conducted by the company showed that users were losing 70% of the content by you can’t keep up the entire volume of publications.

The selection now is made according to the interactions, tanned and interests of each user, but still, you can register to receive all publications of the given profile.

The majority of websites that sell this kind of services are not being honest with their clients

Now the Instagram will enable moderation in comments, giving users the power to decide between what is acceptable or not.

Now it will be possible to ban a few words or phrases and to disable comments, avoiding insults and offenses. Profiles with more users already are testing the novelty, but it is possible that it extends to all in the next few weeks.

The public policy Director of Instagram, Nicky Jackson Colaco, told the Washington Post that the goal with this change is to make the social network more user-friendly buy real instagram followers, fun and, most importantly, a safe place to express themselves.

Another novelty, disclosed in the company’s official blog, is Instagram Stories. It works like the Snapchat, for people to share videos and pictures for 24 hours. The change is already active for the IOS and Android smartphones.

United States, New Zealand and Australia are already experimenting with the Instagram Analytics. As many expected and until we missed, this feature will help advertisers about insights and performance of your posts, analyzing, post schedule information on the followers and other data. The forecast is that soon the Brazilians can also take advantage of this tool.